Cement Rendering Wollongong Services Overview

Rok Rendering offers cement rendering services in Wollongong including cement render, acrylic render, blueboard render, granosite render, concrete repairs and bagging. Cement Rendering is an evolution of older methods of applying sand and lime over exterior walls to increase their longevity and aesthetics. In more recent times cement rendering has been used to increase value of a home and provide protection againsts external factors including weather. If you have a cement rendering project in Wollongong call Rok Rendering today to arrange us to come out to your home or site for a quote.

Cement Rendering Wollongong

How we get the job done

Rok Rendering aims to give all our customers the attention they deserve from start to finish.

  • Contact us to make a appointment for a suitable day and time for the quote
  • Arrive at your property for appointment and inspect property to quote
  • Provide you with a quote which outlines the work we will do, timeline and costs
  • Support during project in regards to any queries or issues that may arise
  • End result will be a quality rendering project and a clean work site

Timeline of Project and Cost of Project

The timeline and cost of the project will be set in the quote, but the timeline may vary due to weather


Cement Rendering Projects in Wollongong

Project Type: Cement Rendering
Project Location: West Wollongong

Cement Rendering Wollongong House

Old, tired and in dire need of a face lift would be accurate in describing this home before it was cement rendered. The house now looks a million dollars and the cement render has added another lay of protection to the building to ensure it can further fight erosion that comes about over time.

The house was also painted a few months later after the cement render, which has given it a great look.

Cement Rendering is something that looks great when done well, but can result in poor results and a lot of money being wasted after the fact if the job is not done properly.

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We service all of Wollongong and the Illawarra and are experts at cement rendering houses, concrete/render repairs and other rendering services in Wollongong.

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