Services Overview

At Rok Rendering we are highly experienced in cement rendering, acrylic rendering, coloured rendering, blue board rendering, granosite rendering, rendering repairs and bagging. We have a track record of customer satisfaction, meaning you can rely on us for your next cement rendering project. Our service options are listed below. Contact us now for a free quote and we can work out what type of rendering will best meet your needs.

Cement Rendering

Cement rendering is the most common and cost effective type of rendering service that we provide

Acrylic Rendering

Acrylic rendering is more durable and weather resistant than traditional cement rendering

Coloured Rendering

Paint and cement render combination, which takes the hassle out of painting after the job is complete

Rendering Repairs

Rok Rendering can assess the current state and provide the best solution to repair your render

Granosite Rendering

Granosite uses water based acrylic, is long lasting and comes with multiple options of textures and finishes

Blueboard Rendering

Blueboard rendering is the application of acrylic rendering over a blueboard base

How can we help you?

Rok Rendering can take on all types of rendering work

House Rendering


Cement rendering your home can improve its look and increases its value

Apartment Rendering


Cement rendered apartments come across as modern and also hide imperfections

Retaining Wall Rendering

Retaining Walls

Cement rendered retaining walls and fences look elegant and fight erosion


Commercial properties are cement rendered to improve the appearance and increase the durability

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