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Bagging Rendering Introduction

Bagging rendering finish is a form of rendering that can be achieved using numerous different materials and products. Bagging rendering takes different forms, but to be defined simply it is coating of a wall in one coat (usually). In some instances a second coat may be required but this is not so common.

Bagging rendering is growing in popularity due to its ease of maintenance, rustic style and ability to overcoat with paint whenever a colour change is required. This article will discuss bagging rendering finishes, options and also provide before and after photos of homes that have a bagged rendering finish.

bagged rendering services

Cement Rendering Your Home or Bagging Your Home

When it comes to rendering your home, there are many options. Below is a summary or cement rendering vs bagging rendering.

Cement Rendering

Cement rendering is the most traditional of all finishes, it is straight uniform and finished with a sponge with sharp edges. Cement rendering finishes are over coated with paint and it is the most common method of rendering.

cement rendering services

Bagging Rendering Finishes

Bagging rendering finishes just like cement rendering is a traditional type of finish, once completed its characteristics include a rougher finish, brick outlines visible and a non-uniform finish.

bagged rendering finish

The decision to pick one or the other will be determined on your personal taste when it comes to the finish of your walls.

So you decided to bag your home what is next?

If you have decided you want to bag your home there are a few decisions you must now make, below is a list of questions you will need to answer in order to get your what you want.

Option 1

Sand Cement Bagging or Acrylic Bagging

Sand cement bagging and acrylic bagging are fairly similar when it comes to look, though sand cement bagging comes out a bit finer (marginally). Acrylic Rendering has polymers inside the render that makes it a bit more longer lasting and resistant to weather. The decision between the two will need to be made before rendering

Option 2

Coloured Bagging or Painted Bagging

Coloured Bagging is the addition of a colour additive to the mix to give it a colour, these colours are earthy colours and not consistent colours in that they will be various shades of the colour you select. The colour you select will be selected by you as we create these colours at your home specifically for you. Coloured Bagging characteristics also include a slow fade over time

Painted Bagging really means we bag it and then you get it painted after we are done. This option is a good idea for you if you want a pure Dulux or Taubmans colour.

Option 3

3) Super Skim Bagging (SSB)

Super Skim Bagging means we will apply the least amount of render we can which will mean more bricks visible.

Bagging Rendering – Our Process

Below is a step by step process on what to expect going through the bagging process with us.

Step 1


Preparation includes the protection of ground surfaces that require protecting such as tiles or decking, protection of windows and plastic on areas that require so. Preparation is important and it includes setting expectations on site on how we will access the site of a morning to how we leave and close the day out.

See an example of our bagging rendering preparation below.

bagged rendering preparation

Step 2


If a colour is required a sampling session will be arrange where we will come and sample your walls to create your perfect colour

See an example of our bagging sampling below.

bagged rendering sampling

Step 3

Bagged Render Application to Walls

Apply render to all walls within scope , using your selected parameters including colour and finish

Step 4

4 Clean and Remove Rubbish

Clean and remove rubbish to complete job.

Example of Bagging Rendering Finishes – Before and After

Bagging Rendering Bundanoon Project

It seems every time we render in Berrima or Bundanoon it is bagging, below is a job we completed in Bundanoon. A colour with a yellow tone

Project photos below

bagged rendering sampling bagged rendering sampling bagged rendering sampling bagged rendering sampling

Bagging Rendering Hilltop Project

This project was very different as the colour was one we never used before, at first it seemed off. Then after completion it looked just right. Happy customer who loved just like us!

Project photos below

bagged rendering sampling bagged rendering sampling bagged rendering sampling bagged rendering sampling

Bagging Rendering Bowral Project

This project is one of our favourites when it comes to bagging finishes. The colour we produced is amazing and the client was very pleased with the finish and our attention to detail.

Project photos below

bagged rendering sampling bagged rendering sampling

How we get the job done

Rok Rendering aims to give all our customers the attention they deserve from start to finish

  • Preliminary discussion on what needs to be renderered and what your looking for
  • Project Manager to perform property analysis and give you options and recommendations if you desire
  • Project Manager to answer queries pre-quote
  • Project Manager to conduct a quote of property - including price and timeline
  • Support during project in regards to any queries or issues that may arise
  • End result will be a quality rendering project and a clean work site

Timeline and Cost of Project

The cost and timeline of the project will be set in the quote, though time may vary due to weather

Service Areas

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