Cement Render Fire Place

Rendering Your Fire Place

cement render fire place

This article will give you the process we have taken on various cement render fireplace projects. It will also touch on the different finish options and looks when it comes to the cement render of your fireplace. Cement Render of a fire place requires proper preparation whether that be the internal or external wall of your fire place.

Cement Render Fireplace – Your options

What is cement render?

Cement render is the name of render mix that combines sand, cement and lime. Cement renders are the most traditional of render materials and any cement rendered home that is rendered before the year 2000 would have used a cement render. As acrylic render gain popularity cement render is becoming less used, with that said sand cement render finish are still amazing render finishes. Worth noting that cement render requires painting. Cement Render is one of the cheapest options when it comes to rendering. There are some cement rendered fireplaces that are still intact multiple decades after rendering..

Cement Render Fireplace - Cement Render Finish (requires painting) - Close Up

cement render fire place

Different Types of Acrylic Render Finishes

What is acrylic render?

Acrylic render is a special render material that has acrylics and plastics included in the mix to give it flexibility and strength. Acrylic render comes in two forms them being one that requires painting (acrylic render) and one does not (coloured acrylic render). Acrylic render requires painting OR it can be used as a base coat BEFORE a coloured acrylic render. The reasons for using acrylic render over a cement render includes substrates and/or finishes. Not all substrates are suitable for cement render. Coloured acrylic rendering on fireplaces can eliminate the need for painting and give them a nice modern look

Cement Render Fireplace - Gloss Coloured Acrylic Render Finish (3 coat system, does not require painting)

cement render fire place

Other Finish options for Rendering for your fireplace

Below are some different decorative finishes that you can use to cement render your fireplace.

Rough Look Render Finish - (requires painting)

cement render fire place

Concrete Look Render Finish (three coat system, does not require painting)

cement render fire place

Roman Render Finish - (requires painting)

cement render fire place

Cement Rendering Fire Place - Before and After Photos

Acrylic Render Smooth Finish Ready for Painting Fire Place Render


cement render fire place


cement render fire place


cement render fire place

Coloured Acrylic Rendering - 3 COAT PROCESS - Fireplace Rendering

coloured rendering fire place
coloured rendering fire place


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