Rendering Dincel Walls

What is Dincel?

Dincel is an Australian Company that initially specialised in structural and design engineering in residential and commercial works. The company following intensive R&D went to market in 2006 with Dincel Structural Walling. Dincel Structural Walling is a polymer based form work system that is configured on site, it then stays in place and concrete is poured into this formwork. The Dincel Wall remains on the outside as a permanent form work and can be then overcoated with render, paint and/or cladding.

dincel rendering system

Why was Dincel structural walling created

Dincel Structural Walling is a product that was created as solution to the challenges associated with speeds/cost of construction, concrete cancer and handleability onsite of traditional materials. It is a replacement for the traditional form work.

dincel rendering system

Who founded Dincel?

The founder of Dincel is Burak Dincel, a qualified and registered structural engineer who created the Dincel Structural Walling System to improve speed and reduce costs of construction. Burak Dincel arrived in Australia in 1979 with no English and no network, fast forward 30 years Dincel is an integral part of construction.

dincel rendering system

Benefits of Dincel Walling over traditional formwork

  • Installation Speed: Can be installed by non-skilled and skilled labourer alike at an incredible rate of 25m2/2 people/per hour
  • No crane required: Weight of the 3m panel is only 13kg (for 200mm profile)
  • Dincel Formwork Is Waterproof: Formwork does not need to be stripped (less labour) and provides a waterproof skin to the concrete wall other than to wall junctions
  • Many Options to Finish Dincel: You can render, paint or clad your Dincel
  • Dincel can create Curved Walls: Through the use of accessories you can create curved dincel wall
  • Can be Done in The Rain: Dincel can be installed in wet conditions.
  • Manufactured in Australia: Dincel is manufactured in Australia making it easy to order and is readily available.

dincel rendering system

What is Dincel rendering?

Rendering Dincel Walls is the act of applying render to Dincel walling system. Dincel is unlike many other substrates as it requires much more preparation and specialists materials to avoid render coming away from the wall. With that said if the right steps are taken the substrates of Dincel binds just as well with brick if not better. Dincel is very commonly rendered on both residential and commercial projects. Dincel Rendering finishes are usually textured coloured finishes, but there are painted finish options as well.

dincel rendering system

Benefits of rendering dincel walls?

  • Dincel has great waterproofing properties that render assists.
  • Coloured Rendering Systems onto Dincel are long lasting.
  • Does not crack at joints like blue board.
  • Dincel can be patched if installation is modified.
  • Dincel installation speed means you can get to rendering quicker.

Rendering Dincel Walls Process – Coloured Rendering System

  • Step 1: Clean Wall and Apply Primer
  • When rendering dincel walls you must clean the dincel of contaminants and apply adhesive primer that allows for the next coat to stick. Without the right preparation of the dincel substrate you will have issues with adhesion, which will result in a dincel render system that does not last very long.

  • Step 2: Apply Polymer Modified Acrylic Render with Mesh
  • After applying primer, the next step in the dincel rendering system is the application of polymer modified acrylic render with mesh. Mesh must be applied properly in conjunction with render to create a quality base coat that subsequent coats can go onto.

  • Step 3: Apply Anti Efflorescent Primer
  • The primer is the final step before the application of your coloured acrylic render, it allows for the coloured render to attach to the base coat render seamlessly and for longer to avoid imperfections.

  • Step 4: Apply Colour Render with Sealer
  • As the final coat, coloured acrylic render is the finishing coat meaning it does not require overcoating with paint. Coloured renders come in all the same colours as paints and is 20x times thicker than paint making it longer lasting in the harsh Australian conditions.

    dincel rendering system

    Disclaimer: This process was correct at the type of being written, please consult your render manufacturer to get a written specification when rendering Dincel Walling System.

Learn more about Dincel Structural Walling System

To learn more about the dincel structural walling system you can click the link below to the Dincel Website.

Dincel Website

dincel rendering system

Timeline and Cost of Project

The cost and timeline of the project will be set in the quote, though time may vary due to weather

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